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Lockers & Benching

Lockers and Benching

To complete your cloakroom projects we have developed a comprehensive lockers and benching offer. We have designed lockers for both indoor, outdoor, wet and dry environments, ensuring that you can get the right specification of locker.

antibacterial locker

Pure Lockers

Pure lockers have been created to serve the healthcare, food preparation and industrial markets. Each component part of the locker has been designed to work within the strictest of hygiene conscious areas due to the antibacterial qualities of the carcass and doors. The door material options are SGL or Sealwise as these are the most robust materials on the market.

For more details please view the Cubico: Pure Brochure.

Series S Lockers

All our Series S lockers are coated with Activecoat® Antibacterial Technology as standard. This ensures 99.99% of bacteria is killed within 24 hours of contact with the coating for the life of the products, making our lockers and benches ideal for environments where  hygiene practices are a priority. These lockers are available with either SGL or CDF doors and are recommended for indoor use in dry environments.

For more details please view the Cubico: Series S Brochure.


outdoor locker

Series P Lockers

Series P lockers are built to withstand wet environments both indoor and outdoor. The Lockers can be modified to withstand all weathers, with the inclusion of our weatherproof locks. The colours are UV stable and the whole construction is polymer based.

For more details please view the Cubico: Series P Brochure.


Series A Lockers

Our series A lockers are for use in wet or dry indoor environments. This makes our Series A lockers the number one choice for leisure industry projects. The doors can be made from CDF, SGL, or Seal wise if you need a truly robust locker.

For more details please view the Cubico: Series A Brochure.

leisure lockers



Our Benching ranges come with many extras, from under seat baskets and shelving, to security hangers for our more specific products. Our most popular benching offers are also available in three heights, allowing these products to be specified for all ages.

We offer both wall hung systems as well as free standing ones, giving you the flexibility to position them to where they are needed.

View the Cubico: Cloakroom Brochure.


Lockers & Benching February 5, 2014

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