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The Equality Act / DDA Regulations

The Equality Act / DDA regulations 1995

The Equality Act was introduced to work alongside the DDA regulations to ensure that all new construction or re-fit projects are accessible to everyone.

The Equality Act outlines many specification requirements. We have briefly outlined  some regulations for washroom cubicles. Please refer to The Equality Act to ensure full compliance.

There are four types of toilet cubicles outlined in the document including:

  • Unisex wheelchair toilet space
  • Ambulant washroom cubicles
  • Enlarged toilet cubicles
  • Standard cubicles

Approved document M Washroom



Wheelchair accessible toilet dimensions

Unisex Wheelchair Accessible Cubicle

Wheelchair accessible washrooms are usually separate from the main bank of cubicles. The cubicle dimensions are increased to allow access for a wheelchair. The Equality Act stipulates the the top of the WC should be 480mm from the floor.

 ambulant toilet cubicle dimensions

Ambulant disabled Cubicle

All same sex washrooms must have at least one cubicle that is of ambulant disabled standard. If the space only allows for one cubicle then this must be suitable for ambulant disabled users. These cubicles are usually placed at the end of a bank of cubicles due to the need for an outward opening door. These cubicles must also be fitted with a WC pan height of 480mm.

Enlarged toilet cubicle dimensions

Enlarged Cubicle

When four or more cubicles are to be included in a washroom environment, one must meet enlarged cubicle specifications. This is in addition to an ambulant cubicle. The enlarged cubicle must be a minimum of 1200 wide. It must include space for a fold down changing table. It is preferred that these cubicles are fitted at the end of a bank of cubicles.




The Equality Act / DDA Regulations March 20, 2014

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